Keeping The Super Bowl Safe: As Told By an Air and Marine Agent

When we think about helicopters defending the sky from domestic terror threats, we probably think of something out of a movie. Air Interdiction Agent Edwin Montufar wants to let you know that “most of these movies were based on reality.” Super Bowl 53 required the support of over 40 federal, state, and local agencies to oversee an event of such magnitude. Despite the partial government shutdown, the US Department of Homeland Security ensured that the festivities would proceed without incident. After receiving direction from the Homeland Security Director, the Office of Air and Marine Operations, a part of US Customs and Border Protection, prepared to send agents to Atlanta tasked with securing the attending public. Montufar and his team flew in four days before the Super Bowl and left the day after.

Youth For Youth: Atlanta Teens Must Combat Child Exploitation, Or We Could Be Next

A job offer arises for a young woman. A 12-year-old girl runs away from home. A teen gets a ride home from her friend's boyfriend. A young boy receives the promise of an education. In the bustling city of Atlanta — where our international airport ranks the busiest in the world, our interstates provide easy access across Atlanta and the frequent, large international events held bring rapid influxes of visitors — these may seem like ordinary events, just another part of life. However, in each of t

How Brain Kemp Silenced Your Vote And Why Brad Raffensperger Would Do It Again

After serving as Georgia's Secretary of State, accused of voter oppression repeatedly, passing bills that made voter registration more difficult, and purging hundreds of thousands of votes, Brian Kemp has resigned from his position and will assume office as the Governor of Georgia on January 14, 2019. Due to the close Midterm results, the new Secretary of State has not yet been determined. A runoff election will take place on December 4, 2018. In order for Georgia to combat any voter suppression

Midterm Madness: Abrams vs. Kemp

Gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp both had rallies held on their behalf less than a week before Election Day. After former President Barack Obama accepted to speak at the “Get Out The Vote” rally, hosted by the Georgia Democratic Party, sitting President Donald Trump announced he would host a campaign rally with a focus on endorsing Republican candidates Kemp and lieutenant governor candidate Geoff Duncan. The Georgia Democratic Party distributed free Get Out the Vote rally

Diving Into the Season

team kicked off the 2017-2018 season ranked third in the county based off of last years finishing results, following Chamblee first and Dunwoody second. Swimmers await before the starter blocks, shaking out last minute jitters as adrenaline kicks in and they line up for the start. A thick coat of humidity blankets the pool area, and as the gun goes off, the raucous cheering commences. At the team’s first meet, they won with a girls’ score of 163 to Druid Hill’s 115 and Arabia’s 13, and a boys’ s

KAVANAUGH CONFIRMED: What This Means For Victims of Sexual Assault, Women, and Americans.

The #MeToo movement gave women who had been sexually assaulted the confidence to come out of the shadows, and more importantly, it provided women everywhere with a community of support and a sense of solidarity. #MeToo meant that despite the fact they had to survive their trauma by themselves, they were never alone. A few weeks ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court mere days after Dr. Blasey-Ford, the third woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct,

Dear Trump's America, Stop Playing the Victim

Whether you voted for Trump to avoid voting for Hillary or because you thought his outsider stance would be a nice change or if you are a member of the KKK or any other reason, you have contributed to the new image and ideology of "Trump's America" as perceived by much of the country and the world. In this "America," Trump supporters are always the victim; every action is an attack upon their well-being. Undocumented immigrants, many of whom have been living, working and paying taxes here for d

5 Moroccan Cultures That Showcase The Developing Melting Pot Of Africa

There are 54 culturally diverse nation-states on the African continent, yet many Americans tend to perceive Africa as culturally and ethnically homogeneous. However, scientific research has demonstrated that there is more genetic diversity within Africa than between Eurasia and Africa itself. One prime example of the diversity of Africa can be found in the Northern country of Morocco, a nation that many consider the melting pot of the African continent. All of the cultures described below have r